The Ultimate Guide To GoPro Paddle Board Mounts

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Who doesn’t want to catch some exceptional shots of them shredding through the water on their paddle board? Capturing the beauty of your surroundings, so you never forget the feeling of being out on the water. So peaceful, so serene, and picture-worthy. Well, that’s why many paddle boarders mount GoPro’s to their SUPs to capture it all. They capture their performance, their surroundings, just about everything they can!

I’m going to guide you through the process of understanding the types of mounts, some great options, and things you might need to know before making a purchase. Let’s dive in! Shall we?

Types of Mounts

There are a lot of options when it comes to using a GoPro on your SUP. You can either mount it to your board or have it on your person. Some of the options include;

  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Strap Mount
  • Adhesive
  • Surfboard Mount (Most can be used on paddle boards, kayaks, and other boards)
  • Paddle Mount
  • Bite Mount
  • Wrist Mount
  • Headband Mount
  • Chest Mount

We’re not exactly here to discuss all types of GoPro mounts. We’re here to focus on the ones that can be applied to your paddle board directly. This refers to suction cup mounts, strap mounts, and surfboard mounts.

These mounts will work with all kinds of boards, including surfboards, SUPs, ISUPs, kayaks, all-around, flat water, touring, and racing boards. Inflatable boards usually have mounts designed explicitly for this type of board.

Suction cup mounts are exactly what they sound like; they’re suction cups that attach to your board easily. They’re not permanent features and therefore are able to be moved around, taken off, and reapplied with ease.

Surf mounts are usually clamp-like mounts that are tightened to the board. They’re best used for calmer situations are getting hit aggressively by water can loosen the bracket.
The most common mount is adhesives mounts which fix the mount to the board. They also have anchors to better secure GoPro’s.

Strap mounts aren’t everyone’s first choice, but they can work well in certain situations. These types of mounts use tethers and D-rings to firmly secure them to the board.

Personal Favorite

My personal favorite is the official GoPro mount. Why go with any other brand than the one that designs and produces the GoPro? You know it’s going to be compatible with all GoPros, will be designed to secure a GoPro effectively, and considering this one features adhesive, it’s my best choice regardless of who made it. If for some reason the official mount doesn’t work for you, check out the other top options i’ve reviewed.

Top GoPro Mounts

Here are some of my favorite GoPro mounts available on the market at the moment!

WLPREOE 32in1 Surfboard Mounts

Dimensions 9.61 x 6.97 x 1.61 inches
Weight 8.3 ounces
Material ABS
Compatibility GoPro HERO

WLPREOE 32in1 Surfboard Mounts

>>Check price on Amazon

The WLPREO is a pretty intense mounting kit. It’s not just a mount at the end of the day; it’s inclusive of a ton of accessories too. These accessories are perfect for sports beyond paddle boarding so if you’re into other water-based sports, you can really benefit from this mount kit.

Included in the WLPREO is a mount, tethers and tether straps, plugs both FCS and locking, long screws, adapters, floating handle grip, anti-fog inserts, and more. There are even accessories included that ensure the GoPro never sinks to the bottom of the ocean or lake floor. It’s a true value for money kit, with some pretty great included products.

Official GoPro Surfboard Mounts

Dimensions 1.1 x 1.69 x 2.64 inches
Weight 2.68 pounds
Material Plastic
Brand GoPro
Compatibility All GoPro cameras

go pro mount original>>Check price on Amazon

GoPro is a pretty respected company. They make quality products, which makes sense considering here’s a whole article about protecting their product. These action cameras need adequate assistance in order to survive on your board while out on the water, and GoPro delivers on all fronts.

I recommend watching some videos from GoPro about installing their mount properly and maybe getting a floaty for the camera. This is just in case because, well, better safe than sorry. Included in the kit is 2 mounts, 2 adhesive anchors, 2 tethers, an FCS plug mount, and a locking plug.

Telesin Mount

Dimensions 1.1 x 1.69 x 2.64 inches
Weight 3.24 ounces
Material Aluminium, Alloy, and Plastic (Frame)
Brand Telesin
Compatibility Gopro Hero 6 5 4 Multifunctional Stand Clip for Go Pro Xiaomi YI 4K

>>Check price on Amazon

Telesin MountThe Telesin mount is made with a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy and plastic. It’s compatible with nearly every GoPro currently on the market and is built for action. Your camera will be securely mounted to your board and will offer a shooting experience that’s steady and reliable.

Above all, it’s extremely easy to set up. So don’t worry you’re not going to experience any headaches trying to get this to work for your paddle board. All that’s needed is some loosening and tightening of the screw when you want to adjust and clamp down effectively.

It’s inexpensive and while it could use with some more premium quality, it’s a great product overall. For a mount at this price point it’s exceptional.

Buyers Guide

Here are some things you need to know when it comes to searching for, purchasing, and mounting your GoPro to your paddle board.

Suction Vs. Adhesive: What’s Better?

Preference and need always play a heavy hand in decisions like which is better suction or adhesive mounts?

When it comes to suction mounts they should only be applied to your board if you have an overall or at least a part of the board which is smooth. Before applying and securing your suction cup mount, you’ll need to slightly wet it to maximize its suction capabilities.

Adhesive mounts don’t need these prerequisites to be applied to a surf or paddle board. They’re capable of being attached to nearly any board regardless of how its surface appears, perhaps slightly uneven.

My opinion is that adhesives are better, considering they’re more resilient and reliable.

How To Mount a GoPro To Your SUP

To mount a GoPro to your paddle board can change depending on what kind of mount you’re using and what kind of paddle board you’re mounting the GoPro on. However, there are basics that apply to nearly every kind of adhesive mount.

  1. Wash the area of your paddle board intended to host the mount for your GoPro. If you’re feeling up to it, you might as well show the whole board some TLC. If not, why not, right?
  2. Let your SUP dry completely before moving on.
  3. Remove the back of the mount adhesive, proceed with caution.
  4. Pin the mount on the SUP in the desired place firmly. You may need to apply force for roughly two minutes.
  5. Once properly positioned and secure, you’ll need to allow time for the adhesive to dry. This can take anywhere between 24 to 48 hours.
  6. Mount the GoPro and record some epic paddle boarding!

While some mounts may differ from these overall steps to installing your GoPro mount, you’ll find most subscribe to this method.


There you have it; all you needed to know about GoPro board mounts as well as some of my personal favorites available on the market. It’s great to be able to revisit past excursions out into the wilderness. Especially if you’re going somewhere unique that perhaps isn’t a regular spot, you can just visit whenever you please. This makes it far more enjoyable knowing you can relive the best moments, even if it’s through a television screen.


Paddleboarding has been one of the few activities that's allowed me to take a mental break from life and just be in the moment. Whether you're looking for an outlet, a method for physical fitness, or even just a way to meet new people, paddle boarding can put you on a path to achieving all these goals. Every article I post on this site is made with the intention to spread sup love and get more people to stand up and paddle!

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