Which Paddle Board Will Meet Your Fishing Needs?

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When the season is right for it, there is nothing better than getting out on the water for some fishing. However, boats and kayaks can be cumbersome to take out and often don’t get you up close in places where you want to cast your line. Stand up paddle boards have made it far easier to navigate your body of water and give you a better vantage point to cast farther than you could just sitting in a boat.

A SUP can take you where you want to be, but how do you know which one will suit your needs? With such a big market out there, it can be hard to know which SUP is worth your money. Thankfully we’ve taken the time to compile a comprehensive list of the best SUPs so you don’t waste valuable fishing time.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Essential Features

Let’s start off by talking about the general features you should be looking for. With so many to choose from, there are some basic things that a good SUP should have. Some of these features include:

  • Sturdy material.
  • Durability
  • Space
  • Paddle

You should never be worried that your paddle board won’t be able to keep you and your gear afloat. If you’re worried your board will be easily blown over or won’t be able to support you, it isn’t the one for you. Whatever brand you buy, your board should be sturdy, strong, and rigid enough to keep you onboard without faltering.

Durability should be one of the main factors to look for in most products you buy, but especially those that will be subjected to the elements. You want a SUP that won’t start to degrade easily when exposed to water, heat, or when experiencing general wear and tear. You want a sturdy board that is built to last without worrying that you’ll have to shell out for another in a few years’ time.

Space plays a huge role when you’re fishing. Having enough space to move around on your board while casting, or having enough space for your gear is important. Being cramped while trying to relax is a huge no go.

In order to get where you’re wanting to go, you’ll need a paddle. That one’s a no brainer, but there are definitely some boards that don’t come with their own paddles. Having to buy one separately isn’t a huge problem, but it definitely can be frustrating to not have such a vital component included in the package.

So we’ve covered the most important features you absolutely should have in a board, but what other elements make up a good SUP? Not to mention, what SUPs have everything you’re looking for?

Top 5 Fishing Paddle Boards

Of course, you’re searching for a board that is going to be ideal for your specific needs. Whether that means it is suitable for your weight, amount of gear, and what kind of water you’re going to be traversing, it is imperative to have the kind of board you can rely on. We’ve compiled a list of five SUPs that we believe rank high enough to be considered for your next fishing adventure.

1. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

This inflatable stand up paddle board is a truly versatile piece of equipment. It is lightweight and easy to tote around for all of your treks out to the lake. The material is sturdy and the fact that it can be inflated makes the portability even better.

It may seem like inflating it would be a real hassle, but this board fully inflates in 7 minutes no problem. The fact you can deflate it at will allows for easy storage in your car with no need for pesky trailers or hooking up to your vehicle. Why should you have to lug something around or pay extra expenses every time you want to go out to fish? This paddleboard takes out a huge portion of the work.

It comes with all of the features a SUP should have plus plenty more added features. This board is sturdy, durable, spacious, and comes equipped with a paddle for ease of use. But the additional features really set it apart from the basic board.

  • No-Slip Deck Pads: Even as your board gets wet, you’ll never have to worry about slipping when you stand up. These no-slip deck pads ensure your safety and stability.
  • Grab Handles: Efficient grab handles on the front and rear for easy carrying and stabilization.
  • Swivel Seats: These seats move 360 degrees and give you the option of whether you want to sit or stand to fish. Having a full range of motion means that you can settle in any direction to cast your line.

If you’re looking for a SUP that can handle 2 people with ease and sets up in no time at all, the Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 is exactly what you’re looking for.

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2. Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Paddle Board

Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Paddle Board

If you’re a fisherman who is looking for the perfect easy board to take out for your weekend trips, look no further. Lightweight and equipped with plenty of extra features, you’ll not find yourself wanting for anything more with this product. Durability is guaranteed with this sturdy board that keeps all your gear where you need it and is built to withstand even the roughest of trips.

This board is a bit pricey but it really stands up to what the average fisherman needs for a proper excursion. The bundle includes plenty of extra features besides just the board and the paddle. Besides the basics, you’ll get some pretty fantastic bonuses such as:

  • Fishing Cooler: To keep all of your catches fresh and cool while you’re out all day. It’s removable too so you can transfer your fish from the board to your car or campsite with no issues.
  • Fishing Rod Mounts: There are two convenient fishing rod holding mounts so you don’t have to worry about your rod slipping off your board while you’re wrangling your newest catch into your cooler.
  • Elastic Bungee Cords: These bungee cords will keep your gear in place without any trouble.

This inflatable paddle board also comes with an anti-slip pad and a proper pump to help get your board inflated and prepped for your trip in no time. Suitable for standing or sitting, this board is lightweight and recommended for any trek down the river or on the lake.

3. Elkton Outdoors Grebe Inflatable Fishing Paddle-Board

Elkton Outdoors Grebe Inflatable Fishing Paddle-Board

Elkton Outdoors is a brand you can trust no matter what you’re spending your money on. They make a variety of high quality fishing equipment so you know when you’re spending that money, you’re making an investment in a product that will last you. This board is lightweight and travel friendly, so you don’t have to worry about getting it in and out of the car at the lake.

It can carry up to 280 pounds so it may not be recommended if you have a lot of gear or if you’re bulkier. It is long enough though so that if you do have plenty of gear that is under the weight limit, you’ll be able to handle all of it. This thing comes with plenty of features that will really make it worth your while.

  • Scotty Mounts: These are already pre-installed and are great for mounting things like GPS, cameras, or even just whatever rods you’ll need for the trip.
  • Adjustable Paddle: The benefits of an adjustable paddle is it’s compatible for you, meaning if you need it longer you can make it longer, or if you need it shorter you can make it shorter. Depends on you and where you’re fishing.
  • Front and Rear Bungees: These flexible bungees will keep all of your gear in place without worrying about it moving or falling off. They’ll hold plenty no problem.

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4. ISLE Sportsman Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE Sportsman Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

If you’re still new to paddle board fishing, this board is a great one for when you’re just getting started. Easy to transport, lightweight, and perfect for paddling, this board is versatile and stable so you have nothing to worry about. If you really are looking to get started SUP fishing, this paddle board is ideal because it is stiff enough to keep you stable but also can support up to 320 pounds.

That means you’ll be able to keep yourself and all of your gear comfortable while you’re paddling out onto the lake. No need to worry about anything damaging this board either as it is incredibly durable. In addition to its safety and stability, other features include:

  • Military Grade PVC Material: No need to worry about this board getting scratched up or damaged, it is durable because it is made of lightweight but made of heavy-duty material that has been bonded properly instead of hand-glued.
  • iSUP Accessory Bundle: ISLE makes it easy for you to get started paddle board fishing with a fully packed bundle including a pump for easy inflation, an 8 inch leash, a carbon and nylon paddle, and a carry pack.
  • Nose & Tail Handles: These handles are perfect to help with transport so you don’t lose your grip and end up all wet.

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5. SBBC Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SBBC Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This board is fully packed with everything you could possibly need for the ideal fishing trip. It is fully stocked and sturdy, able to hold up to 450 pounds. You can heft all your gear, yourself, and a mountain of fish without having to worry at all about this thing tipping.

This inflatable board boasts itself as being perfect for fishing and touring, which means it is great for any skill level. This is truly a prime paddle board that while it may be suitable for the starter fisherman it is also recommended for the more experienced.

It has so many features and can hold so much gear, you’ll find that this board will suit all of your needs with no problem. It comes with everything mentioned above and below, plus plenty more.

  • Kayak Seat: A comfortable seat so you don’t have to sit on the hard surface of the board for hours on end. The seat is included and can be removed if you need more space.
  • ISUP Patch Repair Kit: This kit is fantastic so in case anything manages to puncture your paddle board you can patch it up with no problem.
  • Other Features: This thing also comes with the paddle, leash, an ISUP cooler, and a waterproof fanny pack.

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My Opinion

All of these boards are perfectly suitable for whatever level fisherman you might be, but there are a few that stand out specifically. They have plenty of features and come highly rated, but if you’re looking for the right fit I’ll break a few things down for you by level.

Starter Fishermen

The ISLE Sportsman is what you’re going to want to go with if you’re just starting out. It has features but nothing fancy so you’re not worried about shelling out for things you don’t really need yet. All that’s really important when you’re getting started like this is that you have comfort, stability, and durability.

Intermediate Fishermen

The Ekton Outdoors Grebe is ideal for the intermediate fisher as it is easy to travel with but can also keep you stable and comfortable for a good long trip. Due to its high quality you’ll know you’re investing in something that is built to last.

Expert Fishermen

The SBBC is the ideal board for the fisherman that is going to spend a considerable amount of time on their board. With all the features and the ability to support a lot of gear. You’ll never have to leave anything home because it can support it all.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be in for a great time with no worries about anything lacking. You can also set yourself up even more for the win by reading some of these sup fishing tips. So get out there and enjoy your time with no restraints. Happy fishing!

Which Paddle Board Will Meet Your Fishing Needs?


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