Top 3 Paddle Board Trolling Motors You Need To Know About!

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I talk extensively about paddle boarding being a labor-intensive sport and recreational activity. Well, what if I took all that back just for the following few thousand words as I instead tell you how to completely change that? I’m talking about trolling motors, of course. This isn’t like your standard paddle boarding; it’s pretty different.

So let’s take a moment to discuss what trolling motors are, and then we’ll get into my thoughts on three great trolling motors on the market that you need to know about! So let’s not waste any more time and instead dive right in.

What is a Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor is an attachment you put on your SUP to provide motor power to zip through the water effortlessly. It’s an exciting concept that’s blown up recently as innovation has gripped the sport of paddle boarding. Trolling motors have especially been embraced by the avid paddle board anglers who’ve used this to get to fishing spots easier.

My Personal Pick

Honestly, if it was my trolling motor, I’d be going with the Aqua Marina Bluedrive S Power Fin. Awesome looks aside; it’s just an excellent overall trolling motor. It’s fast, fits with most paddle boards, and offers something truly efficient, all presented within a well-constructed casing. This is definitely a strong contender for one of the best trolling motors around. I found a thorough Youtube video about it and I also talk more about it below.

The Top 3 Trolling Motors

Here are some of the best trolling motors I’ve found recently that are really worth checking out.

Aqua Marina BlueDrive Power Electric SUP Motor

Aqua Marina BlueDrive Power Electric SUP Motor

First off, this trolling motor looks cool as hell. No other trolling motor on this list looks as good as this one. It features a sleek design that makes it look like more of a jet engine than it does an underwater propulsion unit.

Any paddle board with a half-decent fin box will be able to enjoy this powerful motor with little to no issues whatsoever. It’s a lightweight model that’s extremely powerful and can easily carry you across great lakes and vast oceans. It features a 360-degree water intake design to maximize its potential and allows for up to 6 km of speed an hour. Now don’t rely on this for the whole journey; it only lasts for about an hour with low gear attached to your SUP.

The battery is a li-ion battery pack encapsulated in a battery box that is both waterproof and even features an emergency stop switch. The emergency stop switch is particularly interesting because a power pack is connected to you, and if you fall off, it stops the engines and prevents a runaway board type of situation. The last thing you want is your board leaving you behind, or worse, dragging you with it.

Overall, this is an extremely impressive SUP trolling motor, and it’s so worth the time and energy you might throw into considering it for your paddle boarding needs.

Key Features

  • 360-degree water intake design
  • Li-ion battery pack


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Fits with most SUP boards
  • Quiet


  • I’d argue the battery life is slightly on the disappointing side.

AQUOS Black Haswing

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AQUOS Black Haswing

When it comes to the Aquos Black Haswing, you’re getting power like you cannot comprehend. This is an absolute beast in the water, and it will take you on a ride like you can’t even imagine. But, of course, it helps that it’s also highly versatile.

The first thing to realize about the Aquos Black Haswing is that it needs some space, so make sure you can actually facilitate this trolling motor on your SUP. The trolling motor is actually perfect for massive paddle boards, so if you’ve got a board that’s large than life, this is what you need.

With the Black Haswing, you’ve got speed options and can discover the best speed for you, thanks to a handy dial that lets you vary your rates effortlessly. However, considering where this bad boy can go, you better be gentle when fiddling with the dial.

Thanks to a folding handle tilting up to at least 180 degrees, you’ve got exceptional comfort in motor operation. You are even able to tighten or completely release the lock knob to adjust the angle position. In addition, this trolling motor is well-built and won’t succumb easily to corrosion thanks to its corrosion-resistant materials.

One of the biggest pros of this product is that it makes far less noise than other trolling motors and doesn’t spark as much. You’ll easily notice that it doesn’t use as much energy but still performs well, all while being compact and relatively lightweight. Overall, this is just a great trolling motor that has no right to be this effective, but very much is just that!

Key Features

  • Extendable handle
  • Speed control
  • Brushless motor
  • Power reader (to showcase battery life for better trip planning)


  • Not as noisy as other models
  • Relatively lightweight and compact
  • Versatile


  • Bulky for certain boards, so be sure your SUP can handle this trolling motor.

Waterblade 12V Electric Trolling Motor

Waterblade 12V Electric Trolling Motor

If you’re all about a safety-first approach, then the Waterblade 12V electric trolling motor model is for you. This trolling motor is powerful but incredibly safe at the same time, thanks to its propeller safety cage and the special clamps that Waterblade’s included.

You get an insane amount of thrust from this model in the form of 62 lbs regardless of weather conditions. This means that no matter how big your board is, you’re sorted. It doesn’t come with a battery, but these can be easy to acquire, and better yet, Waterblade’s made it easy to install them thanks to their clamps.

This motor is fairly heavy, so you’ll need to keep this in mind when attaching it to paddle boards that might not be equipped to handle the weight. It’s better suited for big boards or boards with exceptional buoyancy.

I think this trolling motor is really cool because it can be used for kids’ paddle boards, thanks to their safe approach to the design. It makes it far easier to enjoy to include the whole family when there is an option that kids can benefit from.

Key Features

  • Propella safety cage
  • Easy engine head rotation


  • Safety first approach
  • Easy to operate


  • Heavyweight
  • Battery not included

Buyers Guide

It can be a wild time to try and decipher all this information about something you’re probably only now learning about! Trolling motors can pose an interesting challenge for some paddlers as they attempt to navigate their way through these products to determine if they’re necessary or not.

Trolling motors aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of product. They’re built differently, offer different speeds and abilities that can make or break your paddle boarding experience. As a result, many pose the question, ‘why not just get an E-SUP board?’ The reason why is because there’s a massive power difference between the two. E-SUP boards are great, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t offer the same speeds as a fully powered trolling motor; they’re more for light cruising in combination with physical paddling.

When it comes to thrust, you want to keep in mind the following;

  1. If it offers a thrust of 24 lbs or less, then it’s better suited for inland waters that are more calm in nature.
  2. If you’re looking to ride some waves, then you need to consider something above 54 lbs or higher.

It’s vital that you consider the weight of the motor, as this can impact how well your SUP manages when the trolling motor is not in use. The point is not to rely solely on the trolling motor. You want to utilize it when necessary while still putting in some manual performance here and there, especially if you consider the need to conserve battery power.

Final Thoughts

A trolling motor can not only be a highly efficient way to save you some time and get you to that perfect spot in the water, but it can also be a ton of fun. So whether you’re just browsing or are seriously flirting with the idea of getting a trolling motor, this is the right place to start!

Take the time to consider your options and figure out how this can work for you and if you believe it to be wholly necessary. Alternatively, send this to a friend who might be in a similar position or moderately interested in the concept of trolling motors. Make good decisions, and stay safe on the water, trolling motor, or not.


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