Two-Person Stand Up Paddle Boards

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I love paddleboarding. But it can even be more fun when I take someone along with me on my water adventure.   But do they even make SUPs or a 2 person Paddle Board that can maintain support without tipping over? Thankfully, there actually are some that can handle more than one person so you don’t have to go it alone. Tandem riding is actually more common than you’d think and there are several boards that are designed specifically to hold two or a few, plus your gear!

If you think that sounds too good to be true, it’s your lucky day. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to two-person paddleboards and SUPs including what you should look for, price points, and recommendations. Let’s dive on in!

What to Know

Most multiperson SUPs will let you know they’re built for more than one. If they aren’t labeled as such, you’ll be able to tell by just a few simple factors.

  • Weight Capacity: Typically if a board is designed to carry more than one person, you’ll be able to tell by how much weight it can carry. These boards can vary anywhere from around 400lbs to over 1200lbs depending on how many you’re trying to hold on one board. Usually though if you’re looking for a 2 person paddle board it will max out around 500lbs.
  • Length & Width: Tandem boards are going to be longer and slightly wider to be able to support and stabilize two or more individuals. Some will be about 12 to 18 feet long and their width will be between 45 and 60 inches.
  • Price: Unlike some boards, these will definitely be on the pricier side. Being over twice as big in some cases, these boards will range anywhere from around $700 dollars to up into the $1600’s depending on the size and the package included.

Tandem paddleboarding is certainly an investment, so it is important to be sure if tandem is the right thing for you as well as what your budget is before buying. You may be enticed by a board big enough to hold 6-8 people, or a board that you can give your dog enough room to move around on. Now let’s talk about what boards we recommend specifically for two-person paddling.

Recommended Boards

If you’re going to put down that kind of money and also be sure you’re getting a quality board, research is key. But if you want a few recommendations on boards we think are pretty great, here are a few.

Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose SUP

Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose SUP

This is an inflatable board that is designed to carry heavy-duty loads, meaning you and a loved one plus all of your gear. This SUP comes equipped with a carbon shaft paddle, carrying case, pump, and a 10 ft leash so you don’t have to worry about it floating off without you. This SUP can carry up to 375 pounds and is an ideal 2 person paddle board option, or one adult and children.

This paddleboard is worth the price tag for all the space and accessories you’ll get in the full package.

Bluefin Cruise Carbon SUP Package

Bluefin Cruise Carbon SUP Package

This bad boy is designed to move effortlessly through the water and support you and whoever else decides to join you on your adventure. The carbon composite rail and laminate make this board tough enough to handle rough waters without worry that it’ll scratch or capsize on you. The boards come in three sizes; 10’8”, 12’, and 15’, to suit you and your fellow paddler perfectly.

The package also comes with plenty of goodies like a comfortable seat, carrying case, pump, two collapsable paddles, and more.

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SereneLife 10'

Ranking in as one of the most affordable boards, this tandem SUP is exactly what you’re looking for. It boasts its non-slip surface and durability, able to hold you both up with room to spare. Its wide design ensures you can fit everyone, plus your gear without having to cram yourselves in too tightly.

This board is ideal for portability, deflating, and stowing away with little effort. The bright aqua color and the added accessories only add to this fun and practical package.

ISLE Megalodon Multi-Person Inflatable Paddle Board Package

ISLE Megalodon Multi-Person Inflatable Paddle Board

Coming in at the end of our list right in the middle of affordable and slightly pricey is this beauty, priced at $995. This paddleboard is perfect for a small excursion, able to withstand 450 pounds with ease. It is pet-friendly with its durable coating and perfect to bring your dog out on the water to float, fish, or do some yoga.

If you’re wanting to invest in a quality board that will last, without having to go over a grand, this one is the one for you. Its groove traction pad ensures no slippage, and there are plenty of handles for ease of transport or just to stabilize yourself.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your price range is, you’ll be able to find the perfect tandem SUP for you, your friends, and your family. With so many options it is important to keep an eye out for features that might catch your eye that you deem ideal for your perfect paddling trip. Your board should feel sturdy and safe enough that when you and your buddy head out on the water, you’re not worried about having to swim back to shore.

All the boards we’ve recommended are high-quality, fairly priced, and come with comprehensive kits to help get your next adventure started. Whether you’re a fisherman, paddler, or just want to relax and float for a while, you’ll find the right board in no time.

Two-Person Stand Up Paddle Boards


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