Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Heavy Guys and Girls

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There is no shame in wanting to enjoy a particular hobby that may seem restrictive depending on your weight. One of the great things about paddleboarding is how versatile the boards can be and how depending on the type you buy, they can support almost anything. You shouldn’t feel limited in your pursuits simply because you might be on the heavier side.

There are plenty of boards out there that are ideal for a bigger guy or girl who is really looking to get into water activities. Regardless of your weight, height, or muscle mass, paddleboarding is just a great excuse to just get outside and get active to have fun. So what are some boards that would be able to support our heavier friends comfortably?

This handy guide will take you through what you should look for in a board and what boards we recommend to help you get out there on the water. Shall we?

Factors to Consider

Regardless of weight, most paddleboarders have to consider a series of things before they select the perfect board for them. No matter who you are or what you look like, these factors are universal and should be thought of whenever anyone starts researching their first paddleboard.

  • Weight Capacity: If you’re on the heavier side, or you just carry around a lot of gear, it is important to pay attention to the listed max weight capacity on the boards you’re looking at. You have to factor in your weight, plus the weight of whatever you’re bringing with to ensure that your board won’t topple when it hits the water.
  • Length & Width: If you’re taller and heftier you might want to consider a board that is a bit wider and longer so you can stretch out comfortably. You won’t enjoy your nice day out if you’re feeling cramped on your board. These things can also help with weight distribution.
  • Durability: Any board you buy should be able to withstand the elements without getting scratched or damaged. A good board will be able to last you a long while without you having to consider a replacement.
  • Stability: Say it with me; paddleboards should be stable! If your board isn’t stable you’re going to need to get another one. Especially if you’ve got a little more weight on you, it is important that you feel safe and comfortable to sit, kneel, and stand on your board, without risking it capsizing.

Board Recommendations

You’ll have to consider your individual size to determine what kind of board would be right for you specifically, but we’ve chosen to break it down into categories based on the width, length, and weight capacity. That way you have an array of options depending on if you’re heavier, tall, or whatever else.

There should be no shame in considering your options and this is not the time to lie or be shy about your weight. Knowing your weight and the carrying capacity of your board is important for your safety and comfort. It isn’t meant to limit you or make you feel bad.

Remember, when you’re looking into boards that will support you, you have to factor in not only your weight but the weight of whatever you’ll be bringing with you. If you’re 235 and you buy a board with a 240 capacity, that probably isn’t going to work with your gear. You also need to consider if you’ll be bringing someone else on the board with you.

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board

Coming in at 235lbs in carrying capacity, this is ideal if you’re closer to 200 or even just over it. That way you can comfortably have yourself and your gear on your board. Though this board is sturdy, it is also incredibly lightweight so it can be transported easily.

It has sturdy grips on the deck pads and is made of durable material with enough softness to keep you cozy. Comes complete with a waterproof pack of essentials including paddles, a leash, and more.

Cruiser SUP XCURSION Classic Paddle Board

Cruiser SUP XCURSION Classic Paddle Board

This one is great because you can get it in two different lengths/widths. You can either invest in the 10’6”, or the 11’4”, the 10’6” can support up to 250lbs, while the 11’4” can carry up to 300. This is a great versatile board with plenty of stability and quality construction.

It has a comfort top and a polycarbonate shell so you can be sure it is durable and comfortable.

The further we get in the weight capacity, the more flexibility you have to bring more gear, or even another person onto your board. Overestimating can actually make it a more comfortable and enjoyable trip that you can share with someone else.

iROCKER Inflatable Sport Stand Up Paddle Board

iROCKER Inflatable Sport Stand Up Paddle Board

This heavy-duty board is built to withstand anything you can throw its way with a carrying capacity of 385lbs and coming in at 11’ long and 31” wide. This board comes with plenty of handholds for easy transport and for stability while you’re out on the water. The deck is anti-slip and guaranteed to keep you comfortable while standing or sitting.

Red Paddle Co 15’ x 34” Voyageur Tandem MSL Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Red Paddle Co 15’ x 34” Voyageur Tandem MSL Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This board is built for tandem riding, which means it can withstand a lot of pressure and is as durable as they come. It has a carrying capacity of 700lbs which is well beyond what you’ll need to be comfortable while also sporting your gear and maybe a friend. The diamond deck pad has been equipped with additional grip to ensure complete stability while standing to paddle.

It is ideal for all-terrain and can keep up with your needs and your thirst for adventure.

These boards are designed to carry multiple people at once. This way you can feel safe and comfortable even when you’ve got a couple of friends or even your dog tagging along. If you and your friend or partner are both heavier, this will be more than suitable to keep you stable while out on the water.

These boards can be on the pricier side and really are recommended for multiple passengers. But if you have the cash and want to stretch out and enjoy yourself with just a couple of people, these are exactly what you’re looking for.

ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardThis big boy can handle up to 1,050lbs without struggling or compromising on speed and stability. This sturdy board is really ideal for several people and is wide and long enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. 56” wide and 8” thick, you don’t have to be concerned about this one capsizing, it’ll keep you afloat with ease.

This board has traction that will stand up to you and even your pet’s paws without scratching or slipping.

Bluefin SUP 18′ Mammoth Stand Up Paddle Board

Bluefin SUP 18′ Mammoth Stand Up Paddle Board

They call it the mammoth for a reason. This is a family-style paddleboard designed to keep you and your family happy and floating for hours on end. This can hold up to 10 people with ease and comes with all of the accessories you could be looking for with a proper paddleboard package.

This sucker can handle a whopping 1430lbs and is definitely going to be a group effort to get out onto the water. This is ideal for parties, reunions, and other gatherings where you might be wanting to get out and enjoy the sun and surf. No need for anyone to feel left out either.


Paddleboarding has become a versatile hobby and sport that so many people enjoy. It is fun and relaxing with the added benefit of being a hobby that most can do on their own without having to worry about other people. You can do it by yourself, or you can bring a friend or a pet if you feel inclined.

Regardless of who you bring, it is a pastime that is devoid completely of judgment and shame. People go out to paddle for all sorts of reasons and if you can find the right board for your body type, you should be able to get out there as well. The true beauty of paddling is that it is a peaceful way to get in touch with nature and yourself without the pressures of anyone else.

There are plenty of options at your disposal for varying weights, heights, and abilities. Don’t feel limited simply because you are a bit heavier, this activity doesn’t discriminate and many companies take into account the need for boards that will suit all people. So get yourself out there even if you’re new to it, it could become your favorite new activity.

Just remember to pick your board based on what will best suit you and your needs.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Heavy Guys and Girls


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