Finding The Right Electronic Pump For Your Paddle Board

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I’m not advocating for shortcuts, however. When you’re expecting to spend hours upon hours on the water, do you want to spend a ton of time pumping up your inflatable SUP? No? I didn’t think so! Therefore, you want, no you NEED, an electronic pump for your SUP.

Electric pumps are the key to saving a ton of time, which could be better spent on the water. This article will go through everything you need to know about purchasing an electric pump, including making recommendations on pumps you can buy. So let’s not waste any more time! Let’s dive in, shall we?

The 4 Best Electric Pump for Paddle Boarding

NIXY Ventus SUP Electric Pump

NIXY Ventus SUP Electric Pump

First up on our list is the NIXY Ventus Pump. This bulky pump is ready to tackle nearly every paddle board that needs some air, thanks to its numerous nozzle attachments included. There are a total of seven valve adapters included, so you’ve got options. Unless someone has something truly unique, you should be able to help yourself and them.

The Ventus can pump up a board in roughly ten minutes and deflates in under a minute or two. Its got an active cooling system included in the pump to ensure your pump never overheats. Additionally, you can set your pump to ensure that it doesn’t overfill your board with air which is a wonderful feature included.

When it comes to powering up this device, you’ll either use a car cigarette lighter to plug it in or alligator clips to the battery. However, there’s the option of purchasing a ‘Power Pack’ from NIXY to make your pump more portable and less in need of additional power sources. Overall, this is a strong product to start off our list and a great purchase waiting to be made.

Key Features

  • 7 nozzles included broadening its offering to various valves
  • Auto shut-off function included
  • Deflates as well as inflates
  • Active cooling technology is included


  • Nearly a universal pump as it can connect with most ISUP valves
  • Storage bag included
  • Cooling system
  • One-year warranty


  • A tad slow

ThursoSurf Electric Pump

ThursoSurf Electric Pump

We all know Thurso. They’re one of the bigger brands in paddle boarding, and their electric pump is one of their products responsible for pumping up a ton of their boards. Sadly, it’s limited rather intensely to their boards. While any board with a Halkey-Roberts valve can partake in ThursoSurf’s electric pump, it’s not as universal as I’d like it to be.

Thurso’s pump works to inflate a board within 10 minutes and deflate it in under 2 minutes. You can manually set the PSI into the device to ensure it shuts off when it’s done. To power the device, you need to utilize either the cigarette lighter or battery found in a car.

While a great product, its limited reach is somewhat disappointing as this would have been a contender for the top spot otherwise.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all Thurso SUPs and the Halkey-Roberts valve
  • Shuts off automatically
  • 10 minutes to inflate


  • Storage bag provided
  • A one year warranty
  • Deflates as well as inflates


  • Not universal

Outdoor Master Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump

Outdoor Master Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump

If you look around, you’ll find this electric ISUP pump is by far everybody’s favorite, and that includes me! This is one of those pumps that do the job right. It features one of the best designs I’ve seen for electric pumps. Beyond aesthetics, it blows the competition out of the water.

For starters, this pump can get your inflatable SUP up and running in a matter of 8 – 10 minutes. Then, if you have to do multiple boards, you can immediately go onto the next one and a THIRD board after that. It also deflates in a minute or less which is such a convenience.

You get a set of nozzle attachments included, which means you can essentially inflate nearly any ISUP you want, thanks to their quick thinking and wide array of nozzles. If you’re concerned that you’ll forget to turn off the pump before it fills too much air into your SUP, then never fear; the auto shut-off feature is here! Set in the PSI and leave your pump to work its magic.

Overall, this is one of the best, and it’s no surprise it’s so popular.

Key Features

  • Shuts off automatically
  • Included cooling system
  • Complete set of nozzles
  • Sand filter built-in!


  • Deflates as well as inflates
  • Durable
  • Active cooling systems and sand filters are a big pro for me!
  • Can inflate up to three boards in a row which is mental
  • Near universal pump thanks to the numerous nozzles included


  • No storage bag, which is a surprise

iRocker 12V Electric Pump

iRocker 12V Electric Pump

iRocker is a well-known brand, and they are known for quality products across the board – excuse the pun – and their electric pump is no different. It’s a neat design that’s nicely compacted and even has a power cable storage compartment, making it somewhat neater than any of the other options on this list.

The iRocker 12V inflates a board in 8 or fewer minutes and deflates in a minute or so. You can also utilize the automatic shut-off setting to ensure your board doesn’t get overly inflated by setting the board’s PSI into the pump.

Power comes from the standard car-lighter setup. However, you can purchase a battery to make this more portable and less reliant on a vehicle. You can use the pump with most SUPs, especially the board brands under the iRocker umbrella, such as iRocker, Nautical, and Blackfin.

iRocker does it again, making a product worth mentioning on a list of ‘bests.’

Key Features

  • Shuts off automatically
  • Carry handle
  • Power cable storage compartment for easy convenience


  • Deflates as well as inflates
  • Carry bag included
  • Optional (at an extra cost) rechargeable battery
  • Compact design


  • Fast, but not fast as I’d like it to be personally.

Personal Pick

It’s a no-brainer. It’s got to be the Outdoor Master. Design-wise it’s a clear winner, but features are where it shines the brightest! The sand filter and active cooling system are big draws that made this decision easy. It can do everything all the other models on this list can, and then some! It’s just an exceptional product and well worth the investment.

Buyers Guide

There are a few things you need to know when it comes to purchasing a pump for your ISUP. So let’s consider everything necessary to SUP electronic pumps in this helpful buyers guide.

Pump & SUP Compatibility

For an eclectic ISUP pump to work with your SUP, it needs to be compatible with the valve your SUP features. The valve is usually indicated on the website or in the product description of the SUP, so this information isn’t a secret! You just need to do some research to see which valve your board has included in its construction. You can also get pumps with attachable nozzles to use on multiple board valve types.

Stages and Speeds of Inflation

You have two options with ISUP electronic pumps; single-stage or dual-stage. These two pump types will determine the speed of inflation.

Single-stage pumps, as the name suggests, only have a single stage.

Dual-stage pumps have two stages. The initial stage is high-speed, while the second is a lower speed. This might seem a little backward, but it’s not. When you’re starting to pump up your SUP, you want it to be fast to get the bulk of the work done. Stage two is when you want to slowly fill in the gaps of air needed to make your board more rigid. The slow speed is good for not allowing the ISUP to get overinflated, so if you use a single-stage pump, just keep this in mind!

There are single-stage pumps that are slower overall. You just need to look at the details to see what they suggest is total inflation time. I recommend going with a dual-stage as they’re safer for your boards and less likely to encounter user errors due to negligence.


Did you know that some electronic ISUP pumps are equipped with the ability to deflate as well as inflate? Now you do! This nifty feature can just save an abundance of time and make life so much easier for you! Of course, it might cost a tiny bit extra, but if not, why not? Time is money, right?

Power Source

A vast majority of the electronic ISUP pumps rely on your car, or a car, to power the pumps. This can be tricky when you don’t use a vehicle for whatever reason. For example, consider you potentially are someone from a more urban, metropolitan area. You’ll likely be using public transport to get to your SUP destination. You didn’t bring a car, and nobody around you has a car. You need to prepare for this possibility.

Some ISUP pumps have built-in rechargeable batteries; other options include an external battery which you can purchase separately. This doesn’t drive up the price considerably, however.


When you’re considering your new electronic SUP pump, you want to ensure that you’re getting one with a decent length of hose. Nothing crazy, but nothing too short. It can be annoying when one minor accidental movement causes the hose to be yanked out of the SUP, and all that air is just released, setting you back. In the case of an electronic SUP pump that uses the cigarette lighter in your car as its plug to the power source (the car), you want a long hose in this instance.

You also need to decide what is absolutely essential to you when you’re looking at a pump. Some come with bags to cart the pump around, some don’t, and that is something you need to prepare yourself for in the event they don’t provide an option for free or as an add-on.


Price is very relative when it comes to searching for the best SUP electric pumps. You’re not looking to blow a fortune on a pump when the cheaper alternative does the job precisely the same, if not better. Unfortunately, sometimes a brand name just instantly drives up a price for no good reason.

You need to compare the products with great scrutiny if you’re under an intense budget, as you’ll find some are good enough and don’t require all the frills to make them useful.

Additionally, you can find a more expensive ISUP electronic pump you like and just get it on end-of-season specials, Black Friday, holiday sales, and second-hand. The final thing I’d recommend looking out for is how much you get discounted if you buy an electric SUP pump with your board, as some suppliers offer this as an add-on.

Tips for Electric ISUP Pumps

Here are some valuable tips for using an electronic ISUP pump!

Be Careful

I know you’re eager to get out on the water, but don’t rush anything. Don’t finish pumping up your SUP and immediately turn your attention to the next. Instead, allow your electric ISUP pump a moment to breathe. Some pumps are built for a more fast and furious pumping procedure; others simply cannot keep up with that pace.

Don’t Overdo It

Another point of concern when it comes to overdoing it is when it comes to inflation itself. An inflatable paddle board has a recommended PSI, which needs to be adhered to. If you ignore the PSI and continue to pump your board with air, it will become more rigid, but once you’ve exceeded its limits, you’ll likely cause damage to the board.

Use a Mat or Tarp

I recommend putting something underneath the pump like a landing mat or tarp when using an electric pump. The reason why I recommend this is due to the fact that putting a pump on an unsolid surface that has loose dirt, sand, foreign objects can damage your pump and render it useless if it causes catastrophic failure.

Lift Air Valve FIRST

Before ripping out the electric pumps tube from your fully inflated SUP, be sure to lift the air valve up first. When the valve is pressed down, it’s in an open position. When the valve is pressed up, it’s in a closed position. The closed position allows for less air loss to the point where it should prevent it entirely.


Here are some of the questions I’ve noticed are frequently asked when it comes to electronic pumps for ISUP’s.

Can I use any pump for any SUP?

You can only use a pump for your stand-up paddle board in the event the pump itself is compatible with the valve featured on the board. Therefore, it’s essential to pay close attention to what your board can and cannot accept when it comes to an electronic ISUP pump.

Con I overinflate my SUP?

Of course. As stated in the tips section, this is incredibly possible. The last thing you want to do is overinflate your ISUP, as it will cause lasting damage to your paddle board. Always note the PSI limits of your ISUP and adhere to it with great caution.

Is there any difference between SUP pumps?

There’s a ton of differences between the various available SUP pumps. It can be anything from design, shape, weight, and function. Most pumps have been designed to work with multiple board valve types, but that doesn’t mean it’s a one size fits all approach either. This is why details matter when it comes to SUP pumps!

Final Thoughts

So now, after all that, you hopefully know a ton more about sup electric pumps than you did before! Additionally, I hope you’ve managed to pinpoint a make and model that works for you and your needs. You’ll never consider the possibility that you made a mistake in purchasing an electric pump after just a few times using it to inflate your ISUP. You’ll realize all the time you’ve saved and not even give it a second thought!

Let us know in the comments which electronic pump you ended up going with and how it’s working out for you! Additionally, if you know a friend in desperate need of some electronic assistance when it comes to inflating their ISUP, send them this article. It’s time to leave the manual labor to the electronic pump and focus on paddle boarding!


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