RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

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RunWave’s 11’ inflatable stand up paddle board is a well-made, lightweight, and affordable iSUP that you should know. This board is a beast for recreational paddling like general cruising. In this review, we’re going to take a deep dive into the RunWave 11’ inflatable paddle board to see if it’s worth considering as your next or first paddle board.

Let’s not waste any more time and instead just dive right in!

A Drop In The Ocean – Overview

RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The RunWave 11’ iSUP is an 11” x 33” x 6” (L x W x T) board that weighs about 25 lbs. It’s an all-around paddle board that can accommodate up to 352 pounds of weight and has just about everything a paddler needs to get them started.

The board itself provides stability, speed, and maneuverability. Its construction is typical for a board of its type with a single-layer PVC construction which is enforced. This is just a glimpse into what this incredible board has to offer!

What Kind Of Paddler Is RunWave For?

The RunWave 11’ iSUP is perfect for recreational paddlers. I find that the best use cases for this board are for activities like cruising, fishing, yoga, riding the small waves, and maybe some light touring. The best places to use the board are in calm waters like rivers, lakes, and calm seas. I’ve mentioned before that it can handle light waves, but it’s definitely not for surfing.

All skill levels can enjoy the RunWave 11’. Beginners will particularly enjoy the board’s wide standing base as it means it’s really stable, and that can be a tough spot for newbies to paddle boarding. Even heavier paddlers can find great use in this board, thanks to its weight accommodation. Still, the closer you get to the weight capacity, the more the board begins showing signs of performance decline.

Specs Overview

Brand Run Wave
Model 11ft Inflatable Paddle Board
Product Dimensions 11” x 33” x 6”
Item Weight 25 lbs
Max Capacity 352 lbs
Material PVC, Drop-Stitch Technology (Advanced)
Recommended Skill Level All Around
Recommended For Fitness Activities, Yoga, Touring, and Fishing

Specs Deep Dive

Let’s take a deeper look at the RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board:


The RunWave 11’ inflatable paddle board is an all-round board mainly used for recreational and general low-key paddling. However, it’s also used for yoga, fishing, sunbathing, and other low-intensity activities on the water. You can enjoy bringing a friend or child on the board with you, or maybe even a pet. The best place to use the RunWave 11’? On lakes or calm seas.


The RunWave 11’ doesn’t come in different colors but has pattern options. The first solid color option is just plain blue, and the second option is white and blue. Then with the patterns, you’ve got two floral options. The first option is more colorful and all-over. On the other hand, the second option is more toned down, with a tropical feel to it.


The RunWave iSUP’s materials aren’t all that different from numerous other options out there. You’ve got your drop-stitch technology and high-quality PVC material which is also high-intensity.


When it comes to the RunWave 11’ iSUP’s construction, we’re looking at a standard inflatable paddle board. It requires air to be pumped in using either a manual or mechanical pump to inflate the board with a recommended 15 PSI. When deflated, the board is able to be rolled up and put away for convenient storage.


The RunWave inflatable paddle board is an 11’ board which is the realm of average length for an all-round SUP. It’s not an overly long paddle board, and this helps with the board’s maneuverability.


On average all-around iSUPs are roughly 30 to 34 inches. The RunWave is 33” wide. This amount of width gives paddlers enough standing space for improved grip and decent balance during use, cruising, doing yoga, or fishing. It can withstand some minor wave riding but nothing substantial like surfing.


The RunWave 11’ is 6’ thick, which helps with the board’s overall stability.

Board Weight

The overall weight of the RunWave iSUP is 25 lbs. As a result, anyone can move this board with little effort. Smaller people might find it more difficult to carry purely due to its shape and size.

Weight Capacity

Roughly 352 lbs is the maximum weight capacity of this iSUP. However, I caution you to take these weight classes, to be exact. While technically, it’s true that a 352 lbs paddler can use the RunWave, it will show signs of stress and decrease its overall capabilities. It will mainly struggle with glide as water resistance will be majorly increased.

Key Features

There are many great features in the RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board worth mentioning, but here are some of the key features:

  • 6 x D-rings (1 is safety, 1 is bottom front)
  • Fins (2 fixed, 1 removable)
  • Carry handle
  • 4-point tie down bungee storage system
  • EVA foam deck
  • Double deck inflation valve
  • Starter kit

Pros & Cons

Everything has pros and cons. The RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is no exception! Here are some of the pros and cons of this machine:


  • Great affordable price
  • Brilliant stability
  • Awesome for beginners
  • Compact for convenient storage and portability
  • Durable thanks to high-quality materials
  • Lightweight construction


  • The design can get a bit much if you’re looking at the floral options
  • The standard designs are kind of boring. Overall, the designs are a low point.
  • Not quick to inflate or deflate
  • Single layer instead of double layer PVC
  • Not as nimble or speedy as other models (particularly hard paddle boards)


No matter what paddle board you’re buying, you’ve likely got some questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

What Else Is Included In The Package?

When you order a RunWave inflatable paddle board, you’re not just getting a paddle board, you’re getting a whole host of additional items, including:

RunWave package
  • Paddle

Most of the full kitted-out paddle boards come with aluminum paddles which aren’t great for numerous reasons. However, RunWave has done something different. They provide you with a 2-piece carbon shaft paddle that is adjustable. Unlike aluminum, this one will float.

  • Backpack

Measuring 40″ x 16″ x 12″, the storage bag that comes with the RunWave is able to carry all the necessary items for your paddle boarding adventures, including the deflated inflatable paddle board.

  • Pump

The RunWave inflatable paddle board needs a pump, and RunWave gives you a manual pump to get this bad boy up and running. It’s a manual high-pressure pump. It also features a decent pressure gauge located on the top. These paddle boards recommended PSI is 15 max. My recommendation is to target between 12-14 to ensure it’s firm enough!

Unfortunately, this board takes a while to get fully inflated and can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes. Also, bear in mind the gauge doesn’t really show any progress until you’ve reached 7+ PSI, so don’t throw in the towel because it looks like nothing is happening. It’s annoying but worth it in the end.

  • Leash

The ankle leash provided by RunWave is very standard. Tie it around your ankle and connect to the board’s rear end D-ring, and you’re locked and loaded. If you fall off the board won’t go flying off and leaving you behind.

  • Detachable Fin

The two side finds are fixed in place, but the middle fin is bigger and detachable. Side fins enhance stability, glide, and maneuverability and therefore remain in place. Still, the middle one can be upgraded or taken off for shallow waters.

  • Repair Kit

When things happen that can damage your inflatable RunWave paddle board, it’s nice to have a repair kit handy to fix the damage. The repair kit is a standard kits in a container that’s shaped like a tube and is bright orange. Included are PVC patches and a wrench valve. Please be warned that PVC glue isn’t a permanent solution. Consult the packaging to see how long you have until it needs to be reapplied or further attended to.

Is The RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board A Mission To Inflate?

Yes. As previously mentioned, this board is probably one of the more difficult inflatable paddle boards to get up and running. It’s hard to truly dictate how long it might take to fully inflate, but it’s between 10 and 30 minutes.

So, Is RunWave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For You?


The RunWave SUP is for you if you’re a paddler looking for an all-around board that’s no frills and perfect for any skill level. This board isn’t specially designed for any specific type of paddler. Instead, it’s one of those boards that almost any paddler can hop on and enjoy.

This might be perfect for you, particularly if you’re a casual paddler. As I’ve mentioned several times, it’s for low-key paddling activities like cruising, yoga, fishing, light touring, etc. The board is lightweight and easy to transport but isn’t the easiest to inflate. That can be a downside for some people. If you were to purchase this board, I’d highly recommend an electric pump!

Overall, the RunWave 11’ is a welcome blend of speed, maneuverability, and stability. Experienced paddlers get a board they can be chilled on when using, and beginners have a board that’s perfect for learning the ropes.

Similar Options To Consider

There are tons of other paddle boards out there that might suit your needs better. However, I think the best board you could go for that’s similar to the RunWave 11’ is the SereneLife iSUP. The SereneLife measures ‎36.6 x 17.2 x 10.2 inches and weighs 13.89 lbs. It’s been consistently noted as one of the best budget-friendly iSUPs on the market.

Overall, the quality of the board is decent. It’s got an above-average glide, lightweight build, great maneuverability, numerous design options, and comes with the accessories to get you going (like the RunWave does). It’s by no means the perfect board, but it’s a great alternative if the RunWave isn’t what you want out of an iSUP.

Wrap Up

There you have it, a killer review on a killer board! The RunWave is a really impressive paddle board and another worthy addition to the sport. It’s not perfect and has its downsides, but some of these have alternative fixes that make them easily forgivable. Overall, I’m really impressed with RunWave’s 11’ iSUP and think a lot of people might find great enjoyment from this paddle board.

The RunWave 11’ inflatable stand up paddle board is available on Amazon, RunWave’s website, other online retailers, and at your local sporting goods stores nationwide!

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