Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP Review

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Today, we’re taking a look at the one and only Bote Drift 10’8” inflatable stand up paddle board! This affordable model from Drift offers great quality for an all-around board which is perfect for the average paddler.

In this review, we’re going to take a deep dive into the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP. We’re not only going to look at who it’s for but every aspect of its construction, dimensions, materials, key features, included products, and more. So let’s not waste any more time and just dive right into our Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP review!

A Drop In The Ocean – Overview

Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP

Let’s start with the measurements of this iSUP which are 10’8 x 33″ x 6″, providing a max weight capacity that’s roughly 250 lbs. This is generally accurate compared to other paddle boards that boast large max weight capacities only to have them perform better at reduced weights than their numbers.

The Bote Drift weighs 19 lbs, so it’s not a heavy board. Additionally, all the products you’d need come included in the packaging, so you’ve got your paddle, pump, leash, backpack, and more included. This board provides stability, maneuverability, and decent speed.

What Kind Of Paddler Is The Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP For?

So, who’s the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP best suited for? Well, it’s great for paddlers who weigh between 150 lbs and 250 lbs. The length of this board makes stability a focus of its performance. But where does this board work best? It performs optimally in calmer waters with any kind of paddler, from beginner to pros. Calm activities like fishing, yoga, cruising, and recreational paddling are best-suited activities for the Bote Drift.

This board is able to accommodate most paddlers as it’s relatively versatile in its use and skill level requirements. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a quality paddle boarding experience.

Specs Overview

Brand Bote
Model 10’8” Inflatable stand up paddle board
Product Dimensions 10’8″ x 33″ x 6″
Item Weight 19 lbs
Max Capacity 250 lbs
Material PVC
Recommended Skill Level All Around
Recommended For Fitness Activities, Touring, and Fishing

Specs Deep Dive

Let’s dive deeper and take a look at the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP:


The particular paddle board is an inflatable stand up paddle board or an iSUP. Its type would be considered all-around because it’s suitable for almost all paddle boarding activities. Some of the most prominent uses for this paddle board include fishing, yoga, touring (short-distance), and cruising.


There are three color options available for the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP. They are patterned options with primary colors dominating the overall design. The first is the classic, which features a light blue, grey, and wood pattern. Then you’ve got the Native, which is a darker blue with gray and orange elements. Finally, you’ve got the Floral print which features blue, green, gray, and a floral pattern.


The Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP uses single-layer military-grade PVC, which is then connected to drop-stitch fibers. Additionally, there are two layers of PVC on the board’s rails. The top of this paddle board has an EVA anti-slip deck pad.


Unlike a hard paddle board, this is inflatable, which means it requires the user to pump air into the board using a manual or electric pump. When deflated, you can easily store it away, and transport it without it taking up too much space. It’s recommended max pressure is roughly 15 PSI.


The Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP is 10 ft and 8 inches in length. This means that larger/taller paddlers will be able to enjoy this board. This length allows the Bote Drift to track better and build up speed when in use! The length of the Bote Drift means whitewater riding and surfing won’t be possible.


Width contributes to the stability of a paddle board, and the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP is 33” wide. This is in line with the average, which is about 30-34 inches. This width makes it perfect for different-sized paddlers while also making it more stable. The width of the Bote Drift 10’8” mean it won’t be able to used for racing as it’s unable to achieve great speeds.

Board Weight

The Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP weighs 19 lbs which makes it a lightweight board, so storing and transporting this board is easier than ever.

Weight Capacity

This iSUP can handle weights up to roughly 250 lbs. While technically, it can handle more than that, this is where we recommend you treat the max weight capacity as it’s the optimal weight. Anything more than that will slow the board down and cause it to slightly submerge in the water. Average-sized paddlers are able to bring a small passenger with them, be it a kid or pet.

Key Features

There are many great included features offered by the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP which are worthy of mentioning, but here are some of the key features:

  • A carry handle located at the nose of the iSUP
  • Another carry handle in the center
  • Yet another carry handle at the rear of the iSUP
  • Bungee iSUP storage area
  • EVA deck pad
  • 1 x D-ring
  • 3 x Fins (1 detachable)
  • Inflation valve

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP:


  • Versatile board
  • Comes with everything you need to get started.
  • High-quality construction and use of materials.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Very stable.


  • Doesn’t achieve super impressive speeds.
  • Not a ton of D-rings.


Feeling like you’ve still got some unanswered questions? Well, let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions regarding the Bote Drift!

What Else Comes Included With The Bote Drift iSUP?

Bote Drift

As with most iSUPs, there are numerous included products to make this a model you can take out of the box and use immediately. Here’s what’s included:

  • Adjustable Paddle

Included with the Bote Drift 10’8” inflatable stand up paddle board is an adjustable paddle. This 3-piece paddle is made using aluminum and easily fits in a backpack when disassembled. You can adjust the paddle between 71 and 86-inches. Despite it being made of aluminum, this adjustable paddle does float for a bit before ultimately sinking, so be quick in the event you drop it into the water.

  • Backpack

Transporting all your gear is a mission, but that’s why Drift has included a 38× 18× 12 inches (L x W x D) backpack. Everything that comes with the Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP package, including the board itself, when deflated, can fit in this travel backpack. There are two comfortable straps and additional buckles to ensure nothing is bouncing around the backpack.

  • Pressure Pump

The Bote Drift 10’8” is an iSUP which means it needs to be inflated, so Drift has included a pump with their board to make that easier. Now it’s a manual pump, not an electric one, so it does require a bit more effort than you might appreciate. The included pump is dual-action. Included on the top of the pressure is a pressure gauge that measures the applied air pressure to the board. The PSI is recommended to be roughly 15 PSI (MAX). You can realistically get it between 12 to 14, too, and still be golden. It takes roughly 10 minutes total to fully inflate the Bote Drift.

  • Leash

There’s only one D-ring on the Bote Drift, which is considerably less than most other models. With that one D-ring, we highly recommend using it to attach the included ankle leash. This is what can ensure your board doesn’t disappear if you accidentally fall off while paddle boarding. It’s not something you want to ignore using, as it can really make or break the experience.

  • Repair Kit

As with most paddle boards, the Bote Drift comes with a standard repair kit. This is great to have when out on the water and faced with an emergency like a leak. You get an orange-colored cylinder that contains a few items to help keep the board afloat. It comes with a standard valve wrench for tightening the Bote Drift’s inflation valve in the event it comes loose and begins to allow air to escape. Additionally, it comes with PVC patches which you can use to fix your paddle board in case you collide with sharp objects in the water.

  • Detachable Fin

BOTE drift fin

Having an attachable/detachable fin is a great inclusion when it comes to a paddle board because it means adjusting to different types of water. What we mean is shallow and deep waters. A large middle fin isn’t going to work in shallower waters but being able to detach it means getting to enjoy these waters freely.

  • Instruction Manuel

Still have lingering questions? Well, Drift has included a handy instruction manual to ensure no stone is left unturned. You will be able to fully understand your iSUP inside and out!

Is The Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP difficult to inflate?

Not at all. It’s a standard situation when it comes to inflating. You might have an easier time with an electric pump but even with a manual one like the one included, you’ll find it doesn’t take all that long to achieve full inflation.

So, Is The Bote Drift 10’8” iSUP For You?

BOTE Drift

If you’re a paddler who’s growing out of your beginner board, this might be the time to upgrade to a board like the Bote Drift 10’8”. While even newbie paddlers will find enjoyment in this board, it’s better suited for paddlers who’ve had some prior experience paddling.

This board is not only an affordable option, but it has a lot to offer paddlers. From the additional items to the board itself. You’ve got a board that’s able to handle all kinds of situations for paddling, from recreational to light touring. The board is sadly too long to be able to enjoy whitewater riding and surfing, and it’s too wide when it comes to activities that require speed, like racing. This is perfect for the paddler looking to enjoy the water without shredding the waves.

Other Paddle Boards Worth Considering

The thing to understand about the Bote Drift 10’8” is that it’s by no means a unique board. If I were to make a similar recommendation that perhaps offers something a bit different, I’d likely go with the DAMA Nature 9’6. Sure, it’s a touch smaller, but it’s a great overall board! The quality isn’t as good as the Bote Drift. However, it’s a cheaper alternative if the Bote Drift is too pricey for your budget.

Regardless of it being cheaper, that doesn’t mean it’s by any means a bad experience. This board is able to handle 275 lbs, with my recommendation being to keep it under 200 lbs. Smaller paddlers will especially enjoy the DAMA Nature 9’6. It is good for a variety of SUP activities and will not disappoint. If you’re not vibing with the Bote Drift 10’8, then consider venturing to a new product like the DAMA Nature 9’6. It might be more your speed. I’ve already done a full breakdown on this board if you’d like to learn more.

Wrap Up

Overall, this board is something to be taken seriously. It’s a high-quality board made using the best materials and with specific attention to detail in terms of its construction. There’s everything included to make this board ready to go out the box. Of course, you need to inflate it first! Bote makes great boards and the Drift 10’8” iSUP is no exception.

You can find this board on Amazon, Bote’s website, most sports retailers, and all across the internet. This is a perfect board for those looking to expand their horizons with paddle boarding. So if you know someone looking to get a new board, point them in the direction of Bote’s Drift 10’8”.

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