DAMA Nature 9’6 iSUP Review

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DAMA brings you one of their signature paddle boards, the Nature 9’6” inflatable paddle board. The Nature 9’6” is a decent quality all-around board that is reasonably priced and ready for adventure. This exciting sport always needs a good board, and DAMA’s answer to that is the DAMA Nature series.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at DAMA’s Nature 9’6” iSUP in a review that comprehensively addresses every aspect of the board’s construction, material choices, design, functionality, and so much more. I don’t want to leave anything out. By the end of this review, you’ll know if the DAMA Nature 9’6” inflatable SUP is for you! So let’s not waste any time, and instead, let’s just get started!

About DAMA

Before we dive into the ins and outs of DAMA’s Nature 9’6” iSUP, let’s talk about DAMA as a brand. DAMA is a reasonably new sporting brand, having established itself in 2019. This makes sense considering the young age of paddle boarding as a sport. The company aims to provide diverse products for anyone and everyone. The minds behind DAMA seek to further invigorate the sport and those who participate in it. So far, they’re doing an amazing job.

A Drop In The Ocean – Overview

DAMA Paddle board

Not everyone is keen on reading an entire review on one product. We get it; you just want to hit the water with the best possible board. So this is the overview for the DAMA Nature 9’6” iSUP.

The Nature 9’6” is an inflatable paddle board that measures 9’6” × 30” × 6” (L × W × T). The board weighs 17 lbs and can support up to 275 lbs as its max weight limit. The board has all the necessary items to get started paddle boarding. The Dama Nature 9’6 iSUP is classified as a all around board that is perfect for cruising, fishing, yoga, surfing, and general recreational paddling on calmer waters.

Items that come with the Nature 9’6” include: a safety leash, backpack, pump, adjustable paddle, repair kit, shoulder strap, waterproof bag, and a removable fin.

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What Kind Of Paddler Is The DAMA Nature 9’6 For?

For starters, the DAMA Nature 9’6” is for paddlers that are about 150 lbs and below. While the board can support a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs, it does show signs of struggle the closer you get to this weight.

I’d say that beyond weight, the DAMA Nature 9’6” is a good board for the averaged size paddler and maybe even smaller paddlers because of the boards length and width ratio. It’s a short and somewhat narrow board which is perfect for this type of paddler, whereas a taller paddler would need a board slightly longer like an 11’.

Beginners who use this board will struggle at first with balance, but they’ll eventually get the hang of it. While this board is capable of any kind of paddling in some capacity, there is a focus on surfing. The board, due to snappy cruising and its short width, means it’s really good for some light surfing. That doesn’t mean the other activities possible with the DAMA Nature 9’6” suffer. This board is all-around a great board for various skill levels, ages, and weights.

Specs Overview

Brand Dama
Model Nature 9’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Product Dimensions 9’6” x 30” x 6”
Item Weight 17 lbs
Max Capacity 275 lbs
Material PVC + EVA
Recommended Skill Level All Around
Recommended For Surfing, Cruising, Touring, Fishing, and Yoga

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Specs Deep Dive

We’ve already got a firm understanding of certain aspects of the DAMA Nature 9’6” but let’s take a deep dive into the specs of this awesome iSUP.

Here’s what you need to know about the DAMA Nature 9’6”:


The DAMA Nature 9’6” is an all-around inflatable paddle board. As a result of this classification, it means that the board’s able to be used for a fair amount of paddling activities. In some cases, it’s more capable than most of doing things that other iSUPs struggle with, like surfing. Surfing and recreational paddling seem to be the board’s strong suits.


There are no color options when it comes to the DAMA Nature 9’6” or any other size board in the DAMA Nature series. They’re all designed with a bamboo style and blue accents and wrap-around. While it doesn’t have color options, the design they’ve gone with does look great!


This board, like many iSUPs, is made using the standard drop stitch material for the core as well as a single PVC layer. Finally, the board’s inner materials are surrounded by a layer of coating in the form of the EVA deck pad and rails.


As we already know, the DAMA Nature is an inflatable paddle board. The board’s quality is above-average and relatively strong, with little chance of popping. It’s a durable board that is very easy to transport and store when not in use!

The DAMA Nature is recommended to have a PSI of 12 to 14. This can be altered depending on the level of sturdiness you desire the DAMA Nature iSUP to be. The inflation valve is situated at the board’s nose, where you’ll inflate and deflate it for use and storage purposes.


Most inflatable paddle boards are about 10 to 12 feet, but the DAMA Nature is 9’6 inches long. This means it’s definitely below average in terms of length. This makes the board best suited for smaller paddle boarders. Beyond that, though, it means the board can easily maneuver. It builds up speed but loses momentum quickly on the water.


The DAMA Nature 9’6” is 30 inches in terms of width. Width dictates the stability of a board, and wider boards are more stable than narrower options. The DAMA Nature is relatively stable thanks to its width.

Board Weight

This particular board is classified as ultra-light thanks to its weight of 17 lbs. This weight makes the DAMA Nature 9’6” incredibly easy to transport from location to location.

Weight Capacity

The DAMA Nature 9’6” iSUP is able to hold 275 lbs. However, I’d argue that it’s more realistic to treat it as 150 lbs. The board does begin showing signs of struggle the higher the weight gets. While you’ve got a comfortable range past 150 lbs, it can really become apparent after 200 lbs. 150 lbs is where it’s experiencing the optimal performance.

Key Features

There are many great features in the DAMA Nature 9’6 iSUP worth mentioning, but here are some of the key features:

  • High-pressure inflation valve
  • 4-point storage system that bungee (at the board’s nose secured by mounted D-rings)
  • 4 D-rings (places on either side of the DAMA Nature)
  • Carry handle (located at the rear end of the DAMA nature)
  • 3 Fins (2 small fixed side fins and 1 bigger middle fin that’s detachable)
  • Sports camera mount
  • EVA deck pad

Pros & Cons

Everything has pros and cons. The DAMA Nature 9’6 inflatable paddle board is no exception! Here are some of the pros and cons of this board:


  • Very easy to maneuver.
  • Impressive speed considering its size.
  • The design, while simplistic and lacking options, is actually really impressive.
  • Complete package, all accessories included.
  • Well priced, good value for money.
  • The shape of the board makes it easy to ride.


  • Not suitable for more than one user at a time.
  • Might not be able to facilitate excessive amounts of gear.
  • Stability isn’t perfect.
  • D-rings aren’t centered on the board. This isn’t necessarily bad; it’s just annoying.
  • Heavier paddlers will likely experience bounce on the board.

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No matter what paddle board you’re buying, you’ve likely got some questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the DAMA Nature 9’6.

What Else Is Included In The Package?

Like most inflatable paddle boards, the DAMA Nature 9’6 inflatable paddle board comes with everything you need to get you started. Let’s take a look at all the items included in their package:

DAMA item list

Adjustable Paddle

Included with the DAMA Nature 9’6” is an adjustable paddle. It’s a aluminium paddle in 3 pieces that fits in backpacks when disassembled. This paddle is lightweight but does still float on the water thanks to the interior, which is flushed with foam. It has an external covering of thermal sealing to ensure waterproofing.


To get everything around, the DAMA Nature 9’6” comes with a backpack with the following measurements: 33.1 x 14.5 x 10.6 inches. It’s a large backpack with comfortable straps which can hold the entire contents of the DAMA Nature package (assuming the board’s deflated!).

Pressure Pump

You need to get the board inflated. For that reason, DAMA Nature 9’6” has included a hand pump that’s double action to get you going. On top, the pump includes a pressure gauge to measure air pressure. To inflate the DAMA Nature 9’6”, it takes about 10-12 minutes at the PSI recommendation of 12 to 14.


Using one of your 4 D-rings, you’ll want to connect the included ankle leash to you and your board. This helps you keep your board nearby in the event you fall off. It can come in handy when things go wrong.

Repair Kit

The repair kit that comes with the DAMA Nature 9’6” is the standard repair kit that seems to come with the most inflatable paddle boards. It’s an orange container shaped like a tube that contains PVC patches and a wrench designed for valves. The valve wrench helps when the need for tightening your board’s inflation valve occurs. This results in the valve loosening due to excessive use. The PVC patches are great in case of damage to the board that causes a puncture.

Waterproof Phone Case

A somewhat unique inclusion is the waterproof phone case. You keep this under the bungee storage system or attached to one of the many D-rings, thus keeping your phone safe. Make sure to test it first before using it with confidence.

Detachable Fin

The middle fin for this board is the only one that’s detachable. The smaller side fins are permanently in place. Having a detachable middle fin comes in handy in shallower waters and to get and fit replacements easier.

Shoulder Strap

A shoulder strap means convenient traveling with your board. It connects to your D-rings and helps you avoid dragging the board on the sand or other hard surfaces.

So, Is The DAMA Nature 9’6 iSUP For You?

DAMA Inflatable Paddle BoardThe DAMA Nature 9’6” is overall a rather friendly board for all kinds of paddlers. For such a low price point, it’s decent quality. The lightweight design and all the additional accessories make this a great board for lighter, smaller paddlers. While that doesn’t mean slightly larger paddlers can’t use it, it isn’t the best at handling the additional weight. I’d recommend getting a bigger board (DAMA Nature has two other sizes, which are larger than the 9’6”).

If you’re a paddler looking for an easy-going board that’s responsive, easy to maneuver, and great for river riding and light surfing, then definitely consider this board. However, if you’re looking to race or tour and are more speed-orientated, I’d recommend giving this a skip.

Similar Options To Consider

There are so many great options you could consider if the DAMA Nature 9’6” isn’t for you. I’d recommend considering the Retrospec Weekender 10’ iSUP. This board is an affordable model that’s great quality and extremely stylish, all from a respected brand in Retrospec. The Weekender 10’ has a max weight limit of 275 lbs, weights 17 lbs, and measures 10’ x 30” x 6”. This board is slightly bigger than the DAMA Nature 9’6” but that little bit extra can make a huge difference. I typed out a full review of the board here.

Wrap Up

Are you ready to get a DAMA Nature 9’6” of your own? You can easily find this board on Amazon, various other online retailers, DAMA’s website, or physical stores nationwide. You’ll be gliding on the water in style with this awesome inflatable paddle board from the new but very exciting brand that is DAMA.


Paddleboarding has been one of the few activities that's allowed me to take a mental break from life and just be in the moment. Whether you're looking for an outlet, a method for physical fitness, or even just a way to meet new people, paddle boarding can put you on a path to achieving all these goals. Every article I post on this site is made with the intention to spread sup love and get more people to stand up and paddle!

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