Best Paddle Board Lights For Night Adventures

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If you’re someone who paddles mostly in the daytime, you may wonder what’s the need for lights on your SUP? There are some of you though that like to paddle out after dark or in the early morning before the sun has even risen. SUP lights are your best friend in that case.

It can be kind of scary and unnerving to paddle out into a body of water without being able to see properly. It isn’t as if most lakes and such have overhead lighting, so all you can rely on is the stars and the moon to guide you. And it is highly unwise to use your phone light in case it gets knocked out of your hand.

So SUP lights are a good investment to ensure you can properly navigate and keep yourself on track without hitting anything. But what SUP lights are the best for you? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for exactly.

Let’s talk a little more in-depth.

Under Vs. Over

There are plenty of reasons you might choose one over the other, but they both have their benefits. Some of the things to consider would be price, how much they actually light up, and if they are practical.

Pros of Under Board Lights

  • Increases Visibility on Surface Area
  • Spreads Light out in a Radius
  • Pretty and Enjoyable

Cons of Under Board Lights

  • Doesn’t Light Up Ahead of You
  • Limited Radius
  • Expensive

Pros of Over Board Lights

  • Better for Navigation
  • Lights up the Area Ahead of You
  • Longevity

Cons of Over Board Lights

  • Tend to be Smaller
  • Doesn’t Surround

Under Board Light Recommendations

There is plenty of fancy under the board light kits that cost a lot of money. They will change colors and likely cover a little more surface area than the traditional LEDs do. These can be a little impractical though as the price outweighs their usability.

If you’re looking for some good LED lights that will do the job and possibly even give you some color for a fraction of the price, we’ve got some recommendations for you.

Northern Lights Submersible LED Light System

Northern Lights Submersible LED Light SystemThis doesn’t just include lights, this is a full kit that comes complete with the under the board velcro light system, LED life jackets, grease for removing velcro, and a remote to control the light colors. These lights will give you wonderful color and brightness without breaking the bank.

The whole kit comes at a reasonable price, which is significantly cheaper than some other branded colored LED light systems.

These are easy to attach and easy to remove, and they are battery operated.

AMIR Submersible LED Lights

AMIR Submersible LED Lights

These are a cheaper alternative to the Northern Lights submersible lights above. Even for a cheap price, they manage to do as advertised. They light up in colors that can be controlled via remote and they are fully submersible and waterproof.

While they might not be the best quality, they certainly get the job done and they are fun to watch and enjoy.

Over Board Light Recommendation

While they may not be as whimsical as the under the board lights, these are more function than fashion. They provide a bright light that is easy to use for navigation so you don’t run the risk of hitting something that is right in front of you.

Kayalu WaterTorch 360 Kayak Light

Kayalu WaterTorch 360 Kayak LightThis handy light is a real lifesaver when it comes to navigating your way around a dark lake. It has a bright 360-degree light that provides enough visuals to keep you moving along. It is buoyant and waterproof so no problem if it falls overboard.

It is fully operable for 100 hours on 3 AA batteries and has an LED life of over 10,000 hours. This light might seem a bit steep for a single light but the battery life speaks for itself.

Other Thoughts

There are other light sources you can rig up for your paddleboard adventures, but it is highly recommended that you ensure they are waterproof and battery operated. It is best to know what your light situation is going to be like before you set out, so you don’t get caught out in the dark with no options. If you are worried your lights might lose battery while you’re out paddling, make sure to keep an extra set in your bag for emergencies. By now you should see why lights made my list of things you should invest in for paddleboarding.

Paddling out at night or early morning can be incredibly peaceful and relaxing. As long as you make the effort to be safe it can be a truly rewarding experience. If your paddleboard is big enough, it can be a great place to layout and look at the stars.

Just remember to keep your lights in working shape and extra batteries on hand and you’ll be smooth sailing.


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