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Maybe it sounds kind of ridiculous. The question of sitting down on something with the word ‘standing’ in the title. However, there are many reasons why people enjoy sit-down paddle boarding, and it’s a very real thing for many people!

This article will explore all the different facets of this concept of sit-down paddle boarding. Your question ‘can you sit down on a paddle board?’ will be answered in full detail.

So let’s not waste any more time and just dive in!

What Does It Mean To Sit Down Paddle Board?

What Does It Mean To Sit Down Paddle Board

There are variations of what this potentially means. For starters, either you’re just sitting down and remaining stationary in the water, or you’re using your board as a SUP kayak. This means you’re still using a SUP but with the addition of a paddle board seat to give it the effects of a kayak.

There are many moments where sitting down on your paddle board makes way more sense than standing would. So don’t think it’s abnormal or incorrect to sit down. If you’re wondering what goes into such a decision to sit down, then let’s explore that.

Sitting down is also often done in situations with rough waters. This is to reduce the impact of the waves on your SUP by lowering your center of gravity. By sitting down in rough conditions you can better control and balance the board and navigate your way through the choppy waters with fewer issues.

Why Would You Sit Down On a Paddle Board?

Why Would You Sit Down On a Paddle Board

There are many reasons why you might want to, or in some cases need to, sit down on your paddle board. The reasons range from silly to completely necessary, but that doesn’t change the fact that sitting down is required.

1. Resting

Paddle boarding can get pretty intense and be a super strenuous task for anyone to take on. So naturally, sometimes we get tired. But, there’s no shame in it; everyone does it, even the pros! Knowing that you can take a break and just sit down on your paddle board is an excellent option for anyone to have when they’ve exerted a ton of energy.

If you’re looking to anchor your paddle board to avoid drifting off while you rest, fish, yoga, etc., then check out my recommended anchors.

2. Yoga

If you weren’t aware, Yoga does require a bit of sitting here and there. This might be the most obvious example, but it still needs mentioning. Sure, you’re not just sitting but doing all kinds of things, but at the end of the day, sitting is a big component of SUP Yoga.

If you haven’t tried SUP yoga yet, don’t just think it’s all sitting. SUP yoga is a truly intensive workout and requires more of you physically than you might think!

3. Fishing

Fishing is one of those activities you don’t just do for a few minutes. You’re going to be out on the water for hours trying to catch some fish. You’ll likely be having a few drinks, chilling with some friends, and fishing the day away. Nobody wants to stand for that long!

As a result, you’re going to end up sitting whether you like it or not. But trust me, you’ll like it. You can add a proper seat or just a simple paddle board material seat to your board and just fish away. I have an article that reviews some good paddleboards for fishing if you’re looking to up your fish game.

4. Relaxing

After making your way out into the water and using up a bunch of energy, you might want to just sit back and relax for a moment on the open water. Go for it! Nobody is stopping you. Take in the sites and sounds of your surroundings, have a drink, just chill out for a moment. Paddle boarding isn’t meant to be a ‘GO! GO! GO!’ type of activity all the time. Take a moment to let it all be, you know?

5. Selfies

Sure it sounds a little silly, but who doesn’t love capturing the moment? Whether it’s a selfie or a picture of the outdoor landscape you’re currently inhabiting, taking a picture is a great way to showcase this wonderful world we’re living in. Besides, let me tell you, it’s easier when you’re sitting.

6. Tanning

I guess this would be more ‘lying down’ than it is ‘sitting down.’ Taking a moment to just soak up some sunshine while out on the water is a great way to spend some time on your paddle board. It can be so relaxing to just forget about life beyond the water and just enjoy nature for a moment. It’s therapeutic.

7. Faux Kayaking

Kayaking is really fun, and if you’ve never done it, don’t rush out and buy a kayaking board just yet! There are ways to turn your SUP into a kayak, kind of. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of kayaking, but all are using your SUP, and that means you can get the best of both worlds.

How Do You Sit Down on a Paddle Board?

There are a few ways to effectively sit down while paddle boarding or while stationary on a paddle board.

1. Using a seat

SUP seats are a real thing, and they’re designed to either make your paddle board able to take on the task of being a kayaking vessel or be used for a passenger. These seats can be extremely comfortable and make it really easy to manage the waters in a completely different way.

If you’re looking for a SUP seat, take a look at this article, all about the best SUP Seats available.

2. Kneeling

Kneeling on your paddle board gives you more stability. It gives you the ability to better maneuver the board using your body. In addition, this takes the pressure off of your back.

3. Legs Crossed

Just like sitting down on a flat surface, having your legs crossed is maybe not the best idea if you’re planning on moving and being the one doing the moving. If you’re a passenger or are staying idle for a moment, this can work for you.

4. Legs Out Front

Think sitting in a canoe or kayak, but it’s on a paddle board, and there’s no seat. If you’re trusting in yourself and your board not to fall off, don’t be afraid to give this method a go!

5. Legs on Either Side of the SUP

If you’ve got long enough legs and can actually manage to get them over the edge of each side without causing intense discomfort then do this method of sitting down on your paddle board.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! All the ways and reasons why you can and maybe should try sit-down paddle boarding. Don’t let anyone tell you that sitting down on your paddle board is incorrect.

Paddle boarding isn’t always about gliding through the water and racing around. So if you’ve got a friend who maybe needs to chill out when they go out paddle boarding, send them this article to remind them that there’s nothing wrong with sitting down for a bit while paddle boarding. Thanks for reading Paddle Board Athlete , check out more sup articles here.


Paddleboarding has been one of the few activities that's allowed me to take a mental break from life and just be in the moment. Whether you're looking for an outlet, a method for physical fitness, or even just a way to meet new people, paddle boarding can put you on a path to achieving all these goals. Every article I post on this site is made with the intention to spread sup love and get more people to stand up and paddle!

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