iRocker Nautical Review

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iRocker is a well-known brand constantly delivering world-class sporting goods. So how does their low-cost, entry-level Nautical paddle board line stand up to scrutiny? We’re about to find out!

Nautical is an iRocker flagship. It’s also iRocker’s cheapest paddle board. The company has been around since 2013, and they’ve managed to make a lasting impression on its customers. The products from iRocker are almost always met with adoration from their devoted fans. Today, I’m reviewing the Nautical inflatable paddle board to see if this entry-level model is really worth the fuss.

A Drop In The Ocean – Overview

iRocker Nautical

The iRocker Nautical inflatable paddle board is an entry-level paddle board. It’s not necessarily an exciting paddle board, but for those just getting started will find that it boasts some impressive features and performs well for the price.

This affordable paddle board is made using high-quality military-grade materials! It’s capable of handling anything thrown at it out on the water. A paddler of any age can enjoy the nautical and learn how to paddle before upgrading to something more their speed. This is where it all begins.

What Kind Of Paddler Is The iRocker Nautical For?

The target audience for the iRocker Nautical is simple: beginners. That’s right, this is the perfect board for a beginner. It’s also great for smaller paddlers and paddlers on a budget who want a great board without the great board prices.

It honestly doesn’t matter what skill level you are. You can find joy in the Nautical. However, it’s clear who this would be perfect for! The Nautical is ideal for cruising, taking your dog out on the water, a parent taking their kids, yoga, and other light activities.

Specs Overview

Brand iRocker
Model Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Product Dimensions 10′ 6″ x 32 x 6″
Item Weight 22 lbs
Max Capacity 240 lbs
Material 2-Layer military grade PVC
Recommended Skill Level Beginner
Recommended For Cruising, Yoga, Paddling, Paddling with Pets, Paddling With Children

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Specs Deep Dive

Let’s take a deeper look at the iRocker Nautical:


iRocker’s Nautical inflatable paddle board is a beginner board perfect for casual paddle board activity. This means things like cruising, general paddling, yoga, and paddling with your kids or pets.


When it comes to color options, the Nautical has three for you to choose from blue, gray, and teal.


The Nautical iSUP is made using dual-layer military-grade drop stitch material. The materials used for this inflatable paddle board are actually uncommon in a board of this price range. While most boards in this price range use single-layer PVC, this board uses a double-layer. This helps the board remain lightweight while also making it extremely durable.

Considering this board is a well-known budget paddle board, this is something that makes iRocker different.


iRocker’s Nautical inflatable paddle board takes these great materials and makes a quality budget board. The Nautical is a rugged board, ready for any challenge out on the water. While it thrives in specific conditions, that doesn’t mean it will completely falter outside of its comfort zone.

The board features a high-quality EVA traction pad helping you stay on board and be comfortable at the same time. The board also features three removable fins, three grab handles, and 13 D-rings!


This inflatable paddle board is 10’6”. This length is a great length to help with gliding ability, achieving decent speeds. and reducing resistance in the water.


The Nautical boasts a width of 32”, which is ample space on the board to remain stable throughout your time on the water.

Board Weight

At 20 lbs, the Nautical is a generally lightweight board. As a result of this weight, it’s an extremely easy board to transport and sits comfortably in the water.

Weight Capacity

iRocker’s Nautical has a weight capacity of 240 lbs or 108 kgs. Weight capacity can be a tricky thing to address. While the manufacturers of the board are stating 240 lbs, I’d personally recommend steering clear if you’re close to this weight. I’d recommend using the board under 200 lbs, preferably in the range of 150 lbs. This weight range means they’re able to fully enjoy this board and get the most out of it.


The performance of iRocker’s Nautical inflatable stand up paddle board is impressive, to say the least. Starting with stability, the board is stable but only for the right kind of paddler. If you’re above 6’0 and 200 lbs, you might find it a struggle. You’ll battle to control the board adequately. Even the most skilled paddlers would struggle.

Most people looking for starter boards or budget boards aren’t really looking for a board with exceptional speed. However, the iRocker Nautical is actually not that bad in the speed department. For what this board is, it performs fairly well.

Tracking is also impressive for this budget board. iRocker uses their 3-fin setup across almost all their paddle boards, and it’s a great setup. It makes the tracking on this board impressive at both slow and faster speeds. The Nautical’s maneuverability isn’t bad, and that’s thanks to the board’s lightweight design, which makes it quicker.

Key Features

There are many great features in the iRocker Nautical worth mentioning, but here are some of the key features:

  • 10’ coil ankle leash
  • High-quality paddle
  • Backpack (now with wheels)
  • 16 D-rings for attachments, towing, and gear storage
  • Repair kit
  • Single chamber dual action hand pump
  • 2-Layer military grade PVC

Pros & Cons

Everything has pros and cons. The iRocker Nautical is no exception! Here are some of the pros and cons of this paddle board:


  • Honestly, the value for money with this iSUP is undeniable
  • Ample D-rings and carry handles
  • Durable
  • Stiff 2-layer construction
  • Fiberglass paddle which is lightweight and stiff
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • SUP accessories included
  • All the fins are detachable

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  • The carry bag is a bit disappointing because it doesn’t have enough handles
  • Lacks any action mounts
  • Lower weight limit than other models
  • No gear mounts


You might have some questions, and we’re here to answer them! Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the iRocker Nautical.

What Is Included In The iRocker Nautical Package?

The package you receive will contain a lot more than just the iSUP. Included are the following items:

iRocker Nautical

  • Paddle

The Nautical comes with a paddle that’s made of fiberglass and nylon. The shaft is fiberglass, while the blade is nylon. As a result of these materials, the paddle is able to float. It’s also adjustable 72 86 inches.

  • Backpack

Get ready for a big backpack to cart around your paddle board kit. It’s a rugged and simple back while also being extremely comfortable.

  • Pump

The pump included with the Nautical is a standard single-chamber, dual-action manual pump that features a pressure gauge. It takes between 8 and 10 minutes to adequately pump up the Nautical.

  • Leash

iRocker includes a high-quality leash with their Nautical inflatable paddle board. It features a key pocket and is easy to attach to your board and leg.

  • Fins

All three fins on the Nautical are flip lock removable fins. That means you can change them out for different fins with ease if you feel it is necessary.

iRocker Nautical

What Is iRocker’s Warranty Policy?

iRocker has one of the best warranty policies in the business. They offer a 3-year warranty on their paddle boards with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your product within those 90 days, they’ll refund you, no questions asked. However, anything beyond the 90 days becomes an issue where they need to solve the problem and not give refunds.

So, Is The iRocker Nautical For You?

If you’re new to paddle boarding, then yes, this board is something you need to consider. I would never recommend the iRocker Nautical to anyone above the beginner level. I believe you have so many other great alternatives out there that would more adequately match your needs based on your skill level.

This board is also great if you’re trying to provide an opportunity for your kids to learn paddle boarding. It’s a friendly board for newbies as it means they’re able to experience a sense of stability and light speeds out on the water. Additionally, the items included mean they’ve got their own kit ready to go!

If you’re someone who knows how to paddle board and might exceed the beginner’s level, you should avoid the iRocker Nautical. While it’s a great budget board, that won’t save you from disappointment when it can’t meet your needs.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, a deep dive into the iRocker entry-level masterpiece that is the Nautical! This is one of my favorite beginner recommendations. Hopefully, you now know more than you did going into this full iRocker Nautical review. The Nautical is a great board. For the price you get a quality board that’s well constructed albeit slightly limited.

You can find the Nautical on Amazon, iRocker’s website, various other online retailers, and sporting goods stores around the nation.

iRocker Nautical


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