Freein 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

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There are so many paddle boards available to new and aspiring paddlers, and the Freein 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle board might be perfect for you. This iSUP is an all-around paddle board that’s very well-priced and of decent quality.

We’ll explore every facet of this offering from Freein, so you know what this board is all about. From the board’s specs to its additional items included. We’ll be covering it all right here in this Freein 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle board review. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this review!

A Drop In The Ocean – Overview

Freein 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you’re in a bit of a rush and don’t have time to read this entire review, I get it! So, I will overview everything you might need to know about the Freein 10’6 iSUP. Let’s start with measurements; the Freein features the measurements 10’6 x 31″ x 6″. When it comes to weight, the board weighs 18 lbs and can support up to 341 lbs. However, I recommend not exceeding 286 lbs as any more weight starts to affect performance.

The board is an all-around iSUP that is best suited for recreational paddling in calm waters. The construction is solid PVC (double layered). Freein’s 10’6 comes in two sizes (10’/10’6) and color options (blue/light blue). Overall, the Freein 10’6 is a decent board that is on the cheaper side of paddle boards but is perfect for beginners and those looking for light recreational use.

What Kind Of Paddler Is The Freein 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For?

This paddle board is suited for any skill level. However, some pro paddlers might not find much enjoyment in this board. In terms of weight capacity, it can support up to 341 lbs. However, you shouldn’t exceed 286 lbs, in all honesty. The reason is due to performance being compromised the heavier the paddler.

Taller paddlers might face issues due to the length and width of the board (10’6 L/31” W), but these issues are less prominent if you weigh below 286 lbs. On the other hand, paddlers that aren’t as big or tall will find they feel stable and can achieve longer glides. However, this comes at the sacrifice of maneuverability, which is why much smaller paddlers might be better suited for the 10’ model.

In terms of use cases, I’ll reiterate that this is suited for calmer waters and less strenuous paddling activities. Think of activities like recreational paddling, yoga, fishing, etc.

Specs Overview

Brand Freein
Model Explorer – 10.6ft Inflatable Paddle Board
Product Dimensions 10’6 x 31″ x 6″
Item Weight 18.7 lbs
Max Capacity 286 lbs
Material PVC
Recommended Skill Level All Around
Recommended For Fitness Activities (Yoga), Touring, and Fishing

Specs Deep Dive

We know a little bit about the specifics surrounding the Freein 10’6 but let’s take a deep dive into the ins and outs of this board:


As mentioned previously, the Freein 10’6 is an inflatable stand up paddle board which is considered an all-around board. So, it requires inflation before use and can be used for just about any paddling activity to a certain degree. It’s unable to be used in racing, whitewater, surfing, and long-distance touring.


When talking about the design featured on the Freein 10’6 iSUP, we’re looking at very plain color choices and a bland pattern. This board isn’t looking to wow you with its design. The board comes in blue or light blue (referred to as Aqua).


The Freein 10’6 iSUP is made with PVC, but instead of a single layer, they’ve opted for a double layer. A double layer provides more solid construction, and while not the best option out there, it’s still decent. The layers of the iSUP are space yarn, base cloth, 1st layer PVC, 2nd layer PVC, fabric, and EVA foam.


As mentioned several times, the Freein 10’6 is an inflatable stand up paddle board which means that it requires air. You pump air into the iSUP using a manual or electronic pump.


The length of this iSUP is 10 feet and 6 inches. Taller people won’t find this adequate as the board will prove wobbly on the water. This is due to the board not being able to accommodate certain heights as it throws the board off and decreases its capacity to perform adequately.


The width of the board is roughly 31 inches. This means that heavier paddlers might find the board to be wobbly on the water. This is because it’s unable to accommodate the weight and, as a result, is declining in performance.

Board Weight

The weight of the Freein iSUP is a moderate 18 lbs. This isn’t bad and actually presents a lightweight board that is easy to store and transport.

Weight Capacity

The Freein 10’6 can handle up to 341 lbs, according to Freein. However, as previously stated, the board realistically can manage to accommodate 280 lbs comfortably before performance issues become apparent. If you’re using the kayak conversion kit and are sitting, then you’d be able to accommodate 341 lbs without issue.

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Key Features

The Freein 10’6 has plenty of features but let’s focus on some of its key features:

  • EVA foam non-slip deck pad.
  • 7 x D-rings (6 D-rings on the side and one at the rear of the board).
  • High-pressure inflation valve.
  • Removable central fin (and two permanent fins).
  • Carry handle.
  • Bungee storage using D-rings.

Pros & Cons

While the Freein 10’6 has so far been getting nothing but positive feedback, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing negative to say! So let’s take a look at some of the Freein 10’6’s pros and cons:


  • Comes with a kayak seat included in the package.
  • Durable design.
  • Very stable.
  • Lightweight board.
  • Extremely easy to transport and store.
  • Everything included needed to start paddling immediately.
  • Very affordable.
  • Great warranty.


  • Some of the included items aren’t of the highest quality.
  • Tall people won’t be able to benefit from the Freein 10’6.
  • The items included with the Freein aren’t of the highest quality. This is especially true with the backpack.

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You might be curious about a few things regarding the Freein 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle board. So, I thought I’d take this time to answer some FAQs:

What Else Is Included With The Freein 10’6?

Freein inclusions

There are several included items in the Freein 10’6 package to ensure you can just immediately use it out of the box:

  • Paddle

Now, let me make it clear that this isn’t the most amazing paddle in the world. It’s okay, at best. Freein provides a generic 3-piece paddle that is made using aluminum but does still float (not for long, so be fast if you drop it in the water). Due to the inclusion of the kayak seat, there’s an additional paddle attachment to make it a kayak paddle. This is a neat inclusion, even if the quality isn’t perfect.

  • Backpack

When you’re out and about traveling to your next paddle boarding destination, you don’t want to be lugging all the gear around without a backpack. Freein has included a backpack that comfortably fits everything you need. The backpack is by far one of the items where quality was sacrificed. It’s not great, but it should get the job done. However, I recommend not putting all your faith in this backpack lasting forever.

  • Pump

This paddle board is inflatable, and inflatable boards need pumps. The Freein 10’6 comes with your standard manual pump. If you want an electric pump, that’s something you’ll need to get yourself separately. This particular pump is dual-action with a pressure gauge located on top of the pump. The Freein has a recommended max PSI which is about 15. You can get away with anything between 12 – 15.

  • Leash

Like most iSUPs, the Freein 10’6 comes with an ankle leash. It’s nothing special, but it’s essential, especially when you’re just beginning to learn paddle boarding. When you fall off your board, the last thing you want is for the board to disappear into the distance. So, an ankle leash ensures that doesn’t happen.

  • Repair Kit

A repair kit is an iSUP standard! These orange cylindrical tubes are what we call life savers! The last thing you want is to have a puncture in your board and no way to fix it! These kits have the essentials, like some PVC patches and a handy wrench for the paddle board valve.

  • Kayak Seat

One of the Freein 10’6 iSUP’s most interesting inclusion, which puts them above the competition, is its inclusion of a kayak seat. Using the D-rings located on either side of the Freein 10’6, you connect up the kayak seat and allow your paddle board to become dual-purpose. Of course, this isn’t the best quality kayak seat, but no other paddle boarding brand provides an included kayak seat so take the win.

So, Is The Freein 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For You?

Freein SUP

The biggest question is, where are you at in your paddle boarding journey? Are you brand new to this sport? Have you already learned the ropes and are ready for a bigger challenge? If the answer is yes, then this isn’t the board for you.

The Freein 10’6 is a decent board and the only reason you should consider it is if you want a board but can’t spend big or if you’re entirely new to the sport. This board is best suited for beginners. It’s for those looking to learn on calm waters. The other perfect candidate for the Freein 10’6 is kayak riders. Thanks to the kayak conversion kit included gives this board multiple opportunities to exist as a tool for water sports.

Freein 10’6 Not For You? Here’s an Alternative!

There are tons of other paddle boards out there that are great for all kinds of paddlers. Since the Freein is a beginner’s board for budget paddlers, we’ll take a look at something similar: The iRocker Nautical. This board is great for beginners! It’s from a reliable brand, is of decent quality, and isn’t going to break the bank. This is best suited for beginners, so if you’re just looking for a budget board, this might not be what you’re looking for in a paddle board.

The iRocker Nautical is a great board because it’s made with a great eye for detail. While affordable, they’ve not sacrificed important aspects of a paddle board. It’s lightweight, stable, and can pick up some decent speeds. Overall, the Nautical is a worthy board and a perfect substitute for the Freein 10’6.  You can check out my full review of the Nautical here.

Wrap Up

Overall, the Freein 10’6 has proven it’s a board for the beginner and the paddler who loves to paddle but can’t afford the pricey boards. A great deal of effort has been put into this board to make it as amazing as possible, and while it’s not perfect, it makes an effort to get close! With everything included, any newbie paddler will find great use in the Freein 10’6. Even better, they’ll have fun while they learn to paddle board.

The Freein 10’6 can be found on Amazon, Freein’s website, and at all major sports retailers around the nation.


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