How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

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Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or expert paddleboarder, the cost of a paddleboard and the accompanying kit can actually vary greatly. If you’re looking for something reliable that also suits your needs, you’ll need to decipher exactly how much you’re willing to spend and what exactly you’re needing in the first place.

When it comes to paddleboards and their gear, quality almost always trumps quantity. You’re going to want to invest in a board that will serve you well without breaking down in a few months or years.

So what should you be looking for to understand the overall costs and what you’ll be getting within your price range? Let’s dive a little deeper so you can make your paddleboard purchase without concern.

Important factors

When purchasing any product, you want to know that the product is worth your money. It should be something that is effective, affordable, but also can withstand the test of time and use. When you’re looking into a paddleboard, these factors are all incredibly important but there are a few others as well to pay mind to.

  • Stability: Is your board going to be able to handle your weight and the weight of your gear? Will you be able to stand on it and paddle without worrying it will topple over? Stability is one of the #1 concerns when investing in a paddleboard because, if your board isn’t stable it isn’t worth the money.
  • Price Vs. Skill Level: While you may think that a package is perfect for you, it may actually be too much or too little for what your actual needs are. Don’t overpay for something that is out of your skill level and has accessories you might not need. But also, don’t underpay for something that won’t last you or have the right gear you need if you’re a little more experienced.
  • Durability: I know we lightly covered this, but it really is imperative that you know what you’re paying for will last. Even if it seems like an affordable option, it might be too cheap and be lacking in quality. Make sure your board is durable and won’t be easily damaged.

So How Much Do They Cost?

Depending on what you’re using your board for, the size, capacity, and included gear, your overall price will go up or down. To make it a little bit easier to follow we’re going to break it down by category.

General Paddleboards

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

These will be your general use paddle boards and SUPs. They have a variety of purposes ranging from fishing, yoga, and exploration. These boards are typically inflatable and that helps to keep their costs down as they have only a few solid pieces to worry about and are easy to deflate and transport.

They are usually lighter and have a smaller weight capacity they can handle, usually around 200-300lbs. These are for beginners or just general enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy themselves out on the water without having too much gear or flashy accessories. These boards will typically run you about $300-$550.

Intermediate or Specialty Boards

These boards will typically have a specific purpose. They may be used for touring, racing, long-distance travel, and this means they’ll be shaped a bit differently and probably made of a different material. These are usually a harder material and they’ll either be sleeker or wider depending on what you’re looking for.

These boards tend to range anywhere from around $600-$900.

Expert or Multi-Passenger

Bluefin Cruise Carbon SUP Package

If you’re someone who wants all the bells and whistles, or you just want to be able to take out more than one person, these boards are for you. They will usually come with a full gear kit, a sturdier outside, they’ll be wider and longer, and they’ll have a larger weight capacity. You can also find bigger specialty boards that will be in this range as well.

They’ll typically run you anywhere from $1000 to even $2000 or more depending.

Wrapping Up

Like most things, the cost of your paddleboard will largely depend on the quality of the materials, and the construction itself. Bigger boards will cost more money, while inflatable boards will typically be more affordable. What’s important is gauging your specific needs and cost limits, then you can go from there.

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?


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